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Never lose money again! If you can't tell your boss, or your client, how much time you spent on a project then you're losing money! How do you know if your estimate are accurate? Do you have the ability to track your your projects down to the nearest minute or do you guess at the end of the day or even week? Task Timer lets you quickly and easily create an unlimited number of project/task combinations. Using our unique exact start and stop times you can show your boss or your client exactly when you started or stopped any particular task. Task Timer allows an unlimited number of simultaneous timer or alternatively only one-at-a-time. Easily modify the start time of any event and quickly add comments to a currently timed event. Reporting with Task Timer is quick and easy with our new custom reporting tools. Specify a relative date range, like 'Last Week' or 'Last Quarter' and Task Timer will generate the reports using that relative date range. This makes tracking and reporting your hours simple and easy. Add your own custom report definitions to the Reporting menu to make it even faster! If you work in an office with multiple people Task Timer can automatically synchronize your database with a database server. If you leave the office Task Timer will attempt to sync to the database when it can but all data is local to your machine so it works while you're away from the office! Feature List * Unlimited number of projects * Unlimited number of project tasks * Unlimited number of global tasks (that each project can share) * Custom reports using relative date ranges * Duplicate reports with a click and easily modify the report parameters * Export reports to PDF, CSV format, Tab Delimited, and Microsoft Excel Te formats * Automatic updates on Mac OS X using the Sparkle framework * Automatic error reporting on Mac OS X using Crash Reporter from Unsanity * Time multiple events or enforce a single timer rule * See current elapsed time in the Mac OS X dock icon * View daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals without having to leave the main window * Quickly view and edit daily, weekly, and monthly events in the Events editor * Join and Separate events in the events editor * Synchronize data between your local machine and a number of popular database servers * Localize your data from EnglishRelease notes: New ReleaseTE Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed a problem with running totals on the timer window.TE Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed a crash that a few people were encountering when starting a timer from the menu.TE Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed several bugs and made a number of improvements to the iPhone sync. [ Task Timer full changelog ]

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