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The most CONVENIENT AND COMPREHENSIVE French-English / English-French dictionary for your Mac. This is a professional grade dictionary for use in education, translation, and business. It includes over 300,000 indexed entries, including thousands of technical and colloquial terms, idiomatic expressions, and more. Useful for reading, writing and translating. Version 7.0 adds vastly enhanced databases, stemming (recognition of conjugated and other inflected forms) for most languages, flashcards, seamless interaction with other applications, and much, much more! Featuring: - 300,000+ entries - Technical, slang, and literary terms - Thousands of idiomatic expressions - Automatic verb conjugation, including compound tenses - Flashcards - OCtone-clickOCL access from other applications - Contextual indicators - Multilingual interface - Add / modify personal entries - Direct interaction with OS X services and other applications via keyboard shortcut - A dictionary widget for easy access - Number-to-text converter - A choice of stemmed search or browsing search - Secondary translation feature, for convenience - Search history, to retrace your steps - Word Hunt mode, with wildcards - Search for examples of usage (via the Web)Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $34.95 USD
  • Size: 8.9 MB
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