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Practice management for physicians and therapists

Patient management with the course of treatment, therapy reports, documents, and recipes.
Services to GebuH and GOA possible. (All services from GebuH with the rates of the tariff already in place!)
Treatments and treatment and cost plans. Periodic treatment sequences.
-More than 70,000 diagnoses according to ICD-10.
Calculations also create several treatments.
Cash registers and account books.

Healing practice offers everything you need as a medical practitioner or self-therapist to your daily work to do.

You can find all of your patient data, including image capture and initial medical history. On the patient card, you can see clearly all the care provided. All benefits under GebuH (Fees for Therapy) have already been created. Own services can be added of course. In all the services of four amounts that you can conveniently select the invoicing, in accordance with information provided by the "Free Therapy Association - Professional and trade association" is entered. Enter comfortably generate all treatments with pictures of and services provided a patient in order to later from one or more treatments a bill. You can enter your own diagnoses or choose from the comfort more than 70,000 diagnoses according to IDC-10-GM. Of course, even for repeat treatments, known as treatment sequences are created. In addition, medical costs plans and recipes are created and printed.
With the schedule you plan your day and if needed in the cash and account books, you can capture their input and output.

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    Macintosh, Mac OS X

  • License: Shareware
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