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Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa is a fast-paced sim game set in the African Serengeti. Players build a unique ecosystem by buying and breeding animals and by balancing the food and water needs of each diverse species.

The complete version of Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa includes 11 animals, 25 campaign maps, 3 levels of difficulty, a story mode and a challenge mode.

In addition to the building aspects of the game, players can 'Be the Animal'. Take control over a zebra and feed it to a pack of lions, lead a great wildebeest migration across crocodile-filled rivers, or circle above a starving elephant as a devious vulture.

Each level requires that the player create a thriving ecosystem with a different set of animals. For instance, the player might be asked to create an ecosystem with 50 zebra and 15 lions. If the player can achieve this goal before time runs out, she wins the level!

Players can also earn Combo Jewels to bring rain to the desert or turn a dry mudflat into a teeming oasis. Players earn these by creating smaller populations of other animals within her main ecosystem. Smart players create balanced ecosystems so that they can earn multiple combo jewels simultaneously!

  • License: Demo
  • Cost: $19.99 USD
  • Size: 24.1 MB
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