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AgileRss 3.1 is a the desktop aggregator that is able to display any RSS, ATOM, and XML news feeds.

One of his great advantages is the RSS News Ticker. The ticker is running on the top or buttom of the screen, displaying the latest headlines of the news, in the order they are appearing, maintening you informed.

Using the virtual feed support, each user can obtain the latest information by his own needs. The checking for the subscribed feeds takes place at user-determined intervals.

AgileRss offers a great compatibity with all operating systems, all you have to do is to choose between Windows, Linux or Mac OS, with or without java virtual machine included.

This new version comes with the following changes:
* Ticker option to display all ticker content as a list
* Print option for articles content and newspaper
* Ticker has wheel mouse action Use of multiple version of AgileRss for the same user. You can specify application cache directory, in order to keep your previously downloaded articles. You can choose application directory the same that was used with agilerss 2.0 and agilerss will convert and use your existing data files.
* Automatically download of feed enclosures in a specified folder Prepare your podcast for your iPod or compatible device.
* Search on feeds tree by name and/or URL.
* Password manager If you access password protected resources and you don't want to be prompted again for a password every time agilerss update that resource, you could check option 'remember password' and then your password will be stored locally encrypted.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $19.23 USD
  • Size: 13.2 MB
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