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WonderCMS is the smallest CMS in the world (flat file). Simple and straighforward. Completely free and easy to install by simply unzipping and uploading to your server.

Founded in 2008 and open sourced in 2010.

- very small in size and works with only 5 files
- one click update
- simple click and edit functionality
- no configuration required, unzip and upload
- lightweight - runs only on a couple hundred lines of code
- simplified code
- custom login URL
- custom homepage
- rebuilt mostly from scratch + MIT license
- better password protection
- no known vulnerabilities
- highlighted current page
- mobile responsive, easy to theme, 404 pages, clean URLs
- page deleting easier than ever
- better SEO support (title, keywords and description for each page)
- (optional) functions.php file includes itself when you create it
- made with PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS and a flat JSON database
- works on Apache and NGINX
- WYSIWYG editor - Trumbowyg available as a standalone plugin
- simple file uploader available as a standalone plugin

Requirements: PHP 5.5 or above and support for .htaccess. For NGINX, editing the server config is necessary.

  • Platforms:
    Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 7, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8, iOS, Android, Android, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64, Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source, Windows Server, WinServer, WinXP,Windows 10,iPhone,iPad

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  • Version 1.1.0 Changes:
    - one click update
    - smallest CMS in the world
    - simple unzip and upload
    - faster and more secure
    - WYSIWYG and file upload plugin
    - fully mobile responsive
    - works on APACHE and NGINX

  • License: Freeware
  • Cost: $0.00 USD
  • Size: 7.0 KB
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