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MusicLab MIDIoverLAN CP is the world's simplest, robust and unique utility that allows you:

1. Connect MIDI applications running on several locally networked computers. Now you can easily receive/transmit MIDI events from/to remote computers via local network so that you can:
Synchronize sequencers on several computers
Synchronously play from several sound sources located on different computers
Play jam sessions on several computers
Record music playing back on remote computer

2. Open more than one MIDI program! It can share its own ports between (up to 4 for PC version) your favorite MIDI programs.

3. Create local MIDI Pipe devices supporting fast MIDI events transfer from MIDI OUT port to MIDI IN port i.e. it allows to direct MIDI OUT stream from one MIDI sequencer to MIDI IN port of another one (Mac version supports "local" mode via localhost).
In any case mentioned above you could install your studio connections without traditional MIDI cables wherever it's possible!

MusicLab MIDIoverLAN CP is the best choice if you want to:

Receive/transmit MIDI events from/to remote computers via TCP/IP network
Synchronize sequencers or play MIDI over local network
Run your favorite softsynths on dedicated computer
Combine the best of all MIDI programs

MusicLab MIDIoverLAN CP editions:

Standard edition - provides up to 16 "LocPipe" / "NetPort" MIDI devices to transfer MIDI stream between several MIDI/Audio oriented applications (sequencers, samplers, softsynths)
Platinum edition - provides up to 64 "LocPipe" / "NetPort" MIDI devices to transfer MIDI stream between several MIDI/Audio oriented applications (sequencers, samplers, softsynths)
Each "NetPort" / "LocPipe" is equal to 16 MIDI CHANNELS.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $129.00 USD
  • Size: 1.4 KB
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