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Terragen™ 2 Technology Preview is the first public release of Planetside Software's new, cutting edge landscape visualisation software. The Technology Preview is now available for both Windows and Mac OS X 10.4.x. See below for details on obtaining your free copy.

TG2 Technology Preview features an advanced hybrid micropolygon renderer with powerful multi-angle displacement capabilities. It has a versatile procedural engine that can be utilised to apply subpixel-level detail to almost any aspect of a scene. Terragen 2 is capable of rendering billions of polygons in a single scene. Please visit the Terragen 2 page for more information more...on the capabilities of Terragen 2.

Terragen 2 Technology Preview is available both as a free download and as a pre-purchase option for Terragen 2. The free version may only be used for non-commercial purposes and is limited in the following ways:

* Render Size Maximum: 800x600
* Render Detail Maximum: 1.0
* Antialiasing Maximum: 3
* Number of Rendered Populations: 3

You may purchase a commercial license for the Technology Preview which will remove these feature restrictions and allow you access to more frequent development releases of Terragen 2. You will also be entitled to a free upgrade to a final release of Terragen 2 when development is completed. Please see our Terragen 2 purchase page for details on pricing and purchase options.

Please note that the Technology Preview release is aimed mainly at high end users. It has a powerful and flexible graphical node/graph editor which is used for creating networks of shaders and scene elements. The Technology Preview features a number of high level shaders which create more complex scene elements, such as clouds or rocks, as well as a low level function node system which allows you to create shaders from "first principles", using functions and methods that will be familiar to shader writers. The n...

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