GLoarbLine is a feature-rich, stable, safe and free client and server suite based upon the GNU General Public Licensed "Openline" source code. GLoarbLine's underlying architecture follows the original Hotline protocol. As such, it functions just like a regular Hotline client and server; and all original, or third party, clients which follow the Hotline protocol, should be able to easily connect to a GLoarbLine server.While the GLoarbLine client and server are similar to the original Hotline software, the latest release of the GLoarbLine suite enjoys a unique feature set which you will not find in the older Hotline, Openline and Underline releases. This build includes:Features on the Admin side: Client users can be forced to either post in the public chat window, or else in the news, before being able to download. This is a great way to stop annoy- ing download bots, such as Pitbull users, etc. It is very effective. The GLoarbLine server can refuse connections from users who have private chat and/or private messaging disabled in their preferences. The server will send the user a message advising them why they are being prohibited from logging onto the server. The GLoarbLine server can ban by both IP address, as well as by specific user names. The GLoarbLine server has 10 tracker registration slots, as opposed to the original five in the old Hotline server. The GLoarbLine server admin can enable or disable kicks/bans by the admin from being announced in the public chat window. The GLoarbLine server has an admin-editable, global login message. This message can be posted in the user's public chat window, sent as a private message to the user with both Reply and Dismiss buttons, sent as a private message to the user with just a Dismiss button, or sent to the user as a Broadcast message. The "temporary ban delay", (how long a user is temporarily banned), is admin-definable. The "away delay", (how long before the user is grayed out), is admin-definable. The "incorrect login message" is admin-definable. The "chat before downloading" message to the user is admin-definable. The "post in news before downloading" message to the user is admin-definable. The admin can set a user to "fake red" status. The admin can make a user visible or invisible. The admin can block a user's download. The admin can change a user's name and icon while they are logged into the server. The admin can change the user's "away" status.Features on the User side: The user can set the client to automatically agree to a server's "Agreement". The user can disable the client's startup splashscreen. The user can refuse server broadcasts.While there are currently no Intel-only or Universal Binary versions of the GLoarbLine client or server, be aware that the Carbon version works perfectly fine on our Macs running Tiger 10.4.9 PPC and Intel.We hope that you will give the GLoarbLine software suite a tryout today! You may never turn back to the old Hotline once you do!. GLoarbLine Suite.

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