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10-Strike Connection Monitor is a network share access monitoring software designed for Microsoft Windows networks. Audit access to your shared folders. Watch who gets info your files in a real-time! The program generates screen, sound, and e-mail notifications on connections to shared resources, and maintains a log file with information on remote user and computer name, accessed file and folder name, date, type of access, and so on. It also allows you to enable and disable access to network shares when necessary using the program's context menu in the system tray. Take 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro for a test drive to see what it can actually do for you! FEATURES: TE Constantly monitor access to your shared folders, files, printers, and the registry in a real-time. When a new connection occurs, the program will notify you with a sound and a message window in the upper right corner of the screen (or with a balloon tip in the system tray). TE Audit changes to a shared folder. Configure "Alerts" and receive screen, sound, and e-mail notifications on connections to a certain shared folder or file. Be notified when a connection to your shared folder occurs by a certain user, from a certain computer, or from a computer with certain IP or MAC address. TE Maintain an access log file. All connections to your shared folders are recorded to the log file (it stores the following information: connection date and time, remote computer name, remote user name, files and folders opened by remote user, file access type). TE Disconnect users and terminate their access to your resources manually, using the context menu, or automatically, using alerts. TE Disconnect users who download large files automatically according to the blacklist settings.Release notes: New ReleaseTE Added new ability to monitor the number of files opened by a user and alert when the limit is reached. The program can also monitor the total file size of files opened by a user. When some user copies a lot of data, the program will notify you about that. Use the "Monitor file deletion and access to specific folders" feature for this.TE Improved the share access audit performance. Now you can configure the refresh time in milliseconds. This helps detecting more file access events (especially when small files are opened). The minimum possible refresh interval value is 10 ms. Please remember that when you set a very short refresh interval and there are a lot of incoming user connections, the program can generate a great load on CPU.TE Improved the program's performance.TE Improved the share access and alert logs viewing. Now they are displayed as a table with configured columns.TE Added ability to export the access and alert logs to Excel (CSV).TE Fixed some bugs and errors. [ 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro full changelog ]

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