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Omnistar Drive is a web based software solution that allows you to set up and manage your own document management system online. Our software provides you with everything you need to upload files, create user accounts, setup group permissions and much more. * Instant access to files for your clients and employees - By setting up user accounts your clients and employees are given instant access to your files. This saves time and is very efficient because when using this software you donOCOt have to keep sending documents up and down by mail. Eliminating time spent on email can add productive work hours. * Absolutely no installation of desktop software required, system is easy to use - Most FTP programs are unwieldy to install and may also require desktop software, but this problem is eliminated when you use Omnistar drive because it does not call for desktop software. The drivers they are totally web based and hence you can download or upload files with ease. This again is time saving and in business time saved is time gained. * Optimum security for transferring and storing files - You do not have to worry about the security of your files because Omnistar Drive software may be installed on a secure server with a valid SSL certificate and this ensures that all files when uploaded or downloaded are secure. Hence all sensitive documents are securely transferred. * No more paper accumulation and finding spaces for paper storage - All files and documents are stored electronically under Omnistar Drive software and hard copies can be eliminated. * Convenient and foolproof methods to distribute large files - The Omnistar upload tool helps in uploading files of all sizes be it big or small. Hence there is no need to save all files on a CD to upload them. When the file is emailed the system sends a link to the file rather than sending the big file as attachment.

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