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Studiometry is a powerful business management tool that oversees projects from start to finish. Whether youOCOre managing contacts, generating estimates, tracking work, or billing clients, Studiometry provides you with an organized overview of your daily business activities. After six years of non-stop development, Studiometry 7.0 is our most comprehensive and user friendly Studiometry yet. StudiometryOCOs intuitive and customizable interface makes data entry and management a breeze. Smart touches throughout the program make tracking your work easy. Timesheets, running timers, manual entry, importing, and more! Studiometry puts the tools to track your work and expenses at your fingertips, so you can spend more time working and less time managing. Studiometry produces beautiful, customizable output and reports. The invoices and estimates that Studiometry generates can even be laid out to your exact pixel specifications. Data summaries can be refined, filtered, sorted, and tiered to your specific needs. Users across all industries depend on Studiometry to run their businesses, including those in law, photography, design, and production, among others. Studiometry can be easily adapted to your business by using one of our many industry-specific templates. In late 2009, Oranged Software will introduce the iPhone Studiometry companion, making all of your data accessible on-the-go. Check back soon for more information, or sign up for our mailing list to hear news as soon as it happens. General Tracking Features: * Track Clients * Track Vendors * Track Projects * Track To Do's * Track Debt/Credits and Work items * Track Invoices * Track Reports * Track Purchase Orders * Track Incoming Payments * Track Retainers * Contact Logs, with customizable filterable Types * Accounting information including business expenses and recurring expenses Project Tracking: * Track Project Information such as name, start date, due date, more * Track Project Categories and Statuses (based on customizable lists) * Live/Non Live Feature allows you to archive the Project within the program * Color code Projects based on Category, Status, or Custom colors * Unlimited Custom Project Fields know as Project Specs * Project Spec suites allow you to easily add Multiple Specs to a Project * Track Project Related Files on your local machine * Project File Actions automatically start and stop timers when opening and closing project Files * Access, Download, Upload, and Check-Out Served Files from your Studiometry Server * Project-Specific Default timers and Timer rounding * Associate a Project Image for each Project * Project Specific Tax settings and Tax behaviors * Pro-Bono Project Options * Public/Private Project Options with the ability to assign or block employees from each Project * Project Notes and Logs * Project Default Currency * Track Project Work item as Debt/Credits * Create Invoices from tracked Work items * Project Templates based on To Do and Spec suites will automatically set up your Project upon creation Project Planning: * Project amount Quoted and Estimated hours fields * Project amounted Quoted and Estimated hours can be entered, calculated by categories, and itemized based on Debt/Credits * Project Budgeting, Estimating, and Quoting features * Specific hourly and amount totals and comparisons for each Debt/Credit type * Printable Estimates and Quotes * Generate Estimates and Quotes using the Reports features * Project Specific GANTT chart * Multi-Project GANTT charts * Company wide GANTT chart * GANTT chart dependencies * GANTT chart employee assignments * GANTT chart milestones * GANTT chart color coding * Project specific To Do's * Assign Employees to specific projects * Associate Contacts with specific projectsRelease notes: New ReleaseTE Will now show subtotals for individual lines in the Timesheet Entry windowTE New display setting for template items to only show if they have a non zero valueTE New Project smart group field for Assigned ContactsTE Can now quickly assign Contacts to Projects via contextual menu in the Project People sectionTE Fixed an issue where the initial setup screen could appear on launch after a crash during savingTE Fixed an issue where some line breaks would not correctly display in logsTE Fixed issue with printing the work tab in 10.0 and newerTE Fixed issue where View Timesheet window would show incorrect totals when Split Items into Days is selected and parts of an item are filtered out of the viewTE Added all/none checkbox to the Manage Groups windowTE Fixed issue with mouse clicks missing on weekly calendar when the window is exceptionally largeTE Fixed issue with ItemSequentialNumber on some templates [ Studiometry for Mac OS X full changelog ]

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