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First impressions matter. Your installation solution is the first impression your customers have about your application. OneInstall makes it easy for you to customize, package and install your software, giving your applications the best possible first impression. Don't break the bank. Java installer solutions shouldn't be expensive. OneInstall starts at just $95 to get quality, cross-platform installers fast. You can even purchase OneInstall as a temporary service (SaaS) to get your work done quickly. Perpetual licenses are available if your needs are long-term. Compare us to the competition. The value will be clear. Deliver a positive impression in just minutes. With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a fully-functional installer that seamlessly integrates with your end-users' operating systems. Delivering beyond the initial installation of your software is a known requirement. What about updates, hot fixes, customer communication and more? With OneInstall, you have options to manage not only the installation of your software, but the entire life cycle of your product after it's on your users' desktops. Saving your developers time is paramount. With some solutions, days of valuable development time can be wasted on java or Eclipse installer technology. We think those developers should be, well, developing. Not messing with installers. OneInstall takes away the guess work and keeps developers focused on what they do best - making your product shine. Enterprise customers need flexible options. If you're targeting large customer bases, you'll come in contact with a wide variety of installation needs. Cross-platform installers, dependency resolution, update mechanisms and more will take center stage in the installer-building process. With OneInstall, you can get your product out the door with confidence that no matter the end-users' requirements, your product has them covered.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $95.00 USD
  • Size: 142.0 MB
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