PerfectLum Suite, a full medical display management suite, accurately calibrates and verifies ANY medical image display to DICOM, Gamma, CIE L*standards and performs QA tests to international AAPM TG18 / DIN 6868-57 / JESRA X-0093 / IEC 62563-1 / DICOM GSDF standards. PerfectLum Suite uses test patterns to provide visual representation of display calibration. Due to scheduled conformance tests and uniformity checks display quality is maintained throughout the display's useful life, allowing huge cost savings. PerfectLum Remote Control system allows multiple workstations calibration and QA testing remotely from one server, ensuring constant display quality control without interrupting the workflow. All calibration and testing data, as well as luminance consistency over time, can be seen and verified in the history database, using graphs for luminance response and other graphs . The intergrated color calibration creates ICC/ICM profiles for the display and performs very accute calibration to any color target. PerfectLum Suite is designed for health care professionals, ensuring best quality of digital X-Ray, mammography, MRI images, along with color applications like Endoscopy.

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