Utilities / System: Maintenance/Repair Tools


Magican has been updated to v 0.9.81. Users can freely install this system utility to optimize your Mac.
New features:
1. Display CPU usage& memory usage in floating window
2. Fix the problem of "checking S.M.A.R.T status failure"
3. Optimize CPU usage
4. Avoid crash problem caused by refreshing database in Software center
5. Other bugs fixed
Main Features:
1. System optimization: Magican can clearly catch the sum of junks and remove them by only "One-Click".
2. Monitor for Mac: System information, running process and historical file operations are displayed to help users catch the basic information of the Mac.
3. Clean Mac: "One-Click" to scan and clear all the useless files, including duplicated files, unneeded languages packages, useless binaries, system logs, caches, web browser caches and former app's leftover.
4. ToolBox: A series of Magican apps could be downloaded from ToolBox, like Magican File, Magican Rest and Magican Document.
5. App uninstaller: Users can uninstall any software by a "Remove" button. It will remove the apps and it's leftover.
6. Software management: Magican help users get freeware and discount software in Mac App Store. It still displays all the installed applications and reminds you once it updates in Mac App Store.
7. Hardware info: It helps users get familiar with their Mac. The hardware information can be exported out as documents and images.
8. Network traffic: The monthly network traffic display help users clearly catch the traffic they brought monthly.
9. Memory release: The "Purge RAM" button on floating window helps expands your Mac memory by keeping data in order.
10. Weather broadcast: It reports the next 3 days weather in floating window.
11. Different types of skin to choose.

  • License: Freeware
  • Cost: $0.00 USD
  • Size: 3.4 MB
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