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Easy to use network fax server software and broadcast fax software. With FaxTalk Multiline Server your network based users can stop waiting in line to use the fax machine and quickly and easily create and send faxes directly from their computer. Provide an affordable, reliable network based client/server faxing solution for your network based users. Avoid the expense and hassle of setting up individual fax software solutions for each user and eliminate the need for dedicated telephone lines to each computer. Users can submit faxes directly from their machine without a phone line or modem connected to their computer.

A computer acting as a "fax server" running the FaxTalk Multiline Server software would transmit the faxes submitted by users on the network. There is no need for a dedicated "server" machine to use FaxTalk Multiline Server as a fax server. Any computer with a standard fax modem connected to a telephone line can operate as the fax server on a network. If your fax volume requires additional lines you can simply add additional standard fax modems or multiport modems to handle a maximum of eight lines. Network users would use the FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro software running on each individual client machine to create and send faxes over the network to the fax server for transmission.

The FaxTalk software includes powerful fax capabilities including broadcast faxing, high-speed Super G3 (V34 Fax) support, 2D, ECM, delayed scheduling, sending faxes over the Internet to an email address, direct access to contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book and Windows Contacts, markup and annotation tools, ability to design custom cover pages, TWAIN scanner support, junk fax blocking, Caller ID, Distinctive Ring, forwarding of faxes to email and much more!

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  • Size: 19.7 MB
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