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TimerScope is a software bundle for time management with a friendly on-screen indication of time. TimerScope includes five timers: TimerScope Commander, TimerScope 3-Min Debate, TimerScope Countdown, TimerScope Workshop and TimerScope Multi-Alarm. The main features are presented below: a) TimerScope Commander - Model for personal work. It controls work time and the appropriate time for breaks (every 1 hour). b) TimerScope 3-Min-Debate - It controls time during debates. Mainly useful for office brainstorms, colleges, universities, radio, TV programs and web conferences. It is useful for different speech training procedures that involve debating under pressure and/or with time limits. You can learn to be more concise and effective in your speeches, answers, and general presentations. c) TimerScope Countdown - You can select how much time you want to spend with a personal or professional task. You can choose between 1 hour and 1 minute and start monitoring. d) TimerScope Workshop - It allows to control presentation time during a professional conference and/or symposium. It can display interval messages ("Break Time") and the name of the current presenter or speaker. e) TimerScope Multi-Alarm - On-screen digital clock model with big numbers and unlimited alarms. Allows you to set unlimited alarms with reminder message for better control of daily tasks. Enables alarm display on the screen with or without sound (useful for discrete time control and/or in areas where excessive noise should be avoided). TimerScope is a powerful tool to help improving your daily personal and professional time management. A streamlined timeframe will certainly be associated with better professional performance, providing more concentration during work hours and enjoyable moments during break times. In sum, you will improve remarkably your quality of life!Requirements: Windows XP or higher, 1 GB RAM, 500 MHz processor

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $39.90 USD
  • Size: 12.0 MB
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