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Tests are ideal for quick assessment of your students' knowledge. Whenever you need to find out how your students are making it though their course or just want to spend 5 minutes to create a quick 10-question professional aptitude test for newcomers to your department, you will definitely need specialized software that will help you generate tests quickly and with a bare minimum of efforts. If you are looking to replace the tool you are currently using or are just exploring the possibility to automate the test creation process, make sure you don't overlook easyQuizzy!

easyQuizzy offers an unparalleled combination of price, functionality, efficiency and ease of use. This test creation tool enables you to create tests of any complexity and compile them into completely independent executable files that can be emailed, shared on the Internet or copied to all computers in a classroom. Tests can consist of an unlimited number of questions (yes-no questions, multiple choice, multiple response, sequence, matching and short answer questions are supported) each with an unlimited number of possible answers. To make tests harder and prevent cheating, you can configure them to shuffle answers to every question and select a limited number of test questions in a random order. Users can set test duration limitations and configure the program to keep the test summary window on the screen for a specific period of time after the test has been finished. easyQuizzy supports object embedding in questions, so you can insert images into your tests, as well as use formulas in test questions and answers, which will come in especially handy for physics and math teachers. The software can be used with any of the supported grading systems - from pass/fail to 100-point, so you won't have to spend extra time converting test results into the necessary system.

For an ultimate test creation tool with lots of handy features and an attractive price tag, choose nothing but easyQuizzy!

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $25.00 USD
  • Size: 4.1 MB
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