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Effective Prayer - Free Self-Help Chatterbot
Computer Science Applied to Healing the Human Psyche. Free self-help chatterbot. Let go of issues that interfere with your inner peace. Replace them with states that support your inner peace. Especially helpful at handling the underlying issues for which people turn to substances, violence, and other unhealthy behaviors as *solutions.* Free support. Windows, Mac, Linux. Imagine your life with more inner peace. Try it. It works. Pass it on.


New Downloads of Family / Health And Fitness Tools

Title / Version / Description Size License
eyeblink - We believe that eyes need our protection. We make Eyeblink intuitive and smart with focus on... 27.8 MB Shareware
Sports and Fitness Manager 3.2 - An easy-to-use database and a scheduler. It's perfect for coaches, fitness instructors,... 12.5 MB Shareware
ColorVeil 3.0 - ColorVeil adds a screen color filter over any application you are using. It helps with eye... 110.0 KB Freeware
PredictBGL Diabetes Manager 1.7.3 - PredictBGL is a beautiful insulin dose calculator that predicts Hypos and blood sugar levels... 427.6 KB Shareware
Health Break 1.1 - Take a break reminder software for long-time computer users. 1.2 MB Freeware
Iris 0.3.6 - Iris reminds you to take short breaks while working on computer, adjusts your screen temperature... 45.8 MB Shareware
WalkAway - WalkAway is a free Windows application that reminds you to take a break from your computer. Use... 890.0 KB Freeware
OvCalendar 2015.2 - Ovulation, Health and Nutrition Calendar for women.The program includes a diet and exercise... 10.0 MB Shareware
ManageBGL diabetes self-management 3.0 - Online insulin dose calculator for T1 diabetes with live sharing, live dose coaching, BGL... 427.6 KB Shareware
Good Posture - Good Posture - this one of a kind program that monitors your posture. Requires no additional... 23.3 MB Shareware