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PredictBGL is a beautiful insulin dose calculator that predicts Hypos and blood sugar levels hours ahead.

PredictBGL dramatically simplifies blood glucose management and insulin dosing with tracking of insulin on board, variable ratios/targets throughout the day, live sharing between school and parents at home/work. It is designed for people with Type 1 diabetes and those using insulin.

Predict where BGL will be hours from now - even overnight. See what effect insulin is going to have. Valuable trend information similar to that provided by a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), warns of upcoming Hypos or Highs and tells when to test, and what to do.

Share data online in real time to multiple devices. Temporary sharing with other carers such as school, other parents, basketball coach, grandparents for sleepovers etc. Permanent sharing with Diabetes Health Care Team.

PredictBGL's Dose Calculator tells how much insulin to have for the Carbs eaten, and to correct any high BGLs at the same time.
Customizable factors for three levels of exercise, stress, sickness and pre-menstruation.

PredictBGL integrates fitness data from sources such as Atlas, Cycling Analytics, DailyMile, Pulsense, Runsense, FatSecret, FitBug, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Google Fit, HealthVault, IHealth, JawBone, MapMyFitness, Misfit, Moves, Ride with GPS, RunKeeper, SportTracks, Strava, Training Peaks and Withings.

PredictBGL leaps beyond logging-only Apps such as mySugr, Glooko, Glucose Buddy, Blood Sugar Tracker, iBGStar, OnTrack, Diabetes Log, Glucose Companion, Tactio, G for Glucose, WaveSense Diabetes Manager, VitaDock, Carb Counting, Diabetes Pal, Diabetik, Dario, Diabetes Pilot, Easy Diabetes, to show which BGLs were expected compared to those that were unexpected.

  • Platforms:
    Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X, Windows 7, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows Mobile, WinMobile, iOS, Android, Android, Win2000, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP,Mac Other,iPhone,iPod,iTouch

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  • Version 1.7.3 Changes:
    Exercise of more than 10 minutes now shows a warning after 6pm, and a warning to consider reducing insulin doses.
    Basal and meal reminders now update their times/amounts.
    Improved Russian translation
    Improved screen contrast, aria labels for sight-assist
    Fixed fitness/dexcom links

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $9.95 USD
  • Size: 427.6 KB
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