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One of the most peculiar birds in the world is the Colibri or Hummingbird. This small bird is very well-known for its flying abilities and the speed with which they move their wings. The colibri can move vertically, horizontally, forward, backwards, and they can even stay still in one position while they gracefully extract the juices from the flowers.
Colibri Screensaver will put a flying wonder on your screen.
This beautiful screensaver will allow you to inspect the flying characteristics of the hummingbird. The screensaver itself is not that attractive, but it will really let you enjoy and analyze this cute little bird.
The image will show you a kind of a forest scene. At the distance you can see the mountains, and you will be standing next to some kind of bushes. The whole scene is orange, probably trying to resemble a sunset, while the plants and birds are only seen in black, like silhouettes.
You will be able to see some hummingbirds, some dragonflies, even a stork. The screensaver is definitely in motion. The flight of the colibri and dragonflies is very realistic. Definitely, you will be able to really observe the flight of this little flying wonder. I suppose that some bird noises would have been a nice addition, but it is silent.
Colibri Screensaver will not add many thrills and frills to your screen, but it will surely grab people’s attention when they walk by your computer.

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