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AlphaPlugins FireFor is incredibly handy for creating natural-looking smoke and fire effects in Adobe Photoshop. An effortless, intuitive process helps you playfully achieve attractive and realistic results. This plug-in is specially designed to work in hi-res and high-quality compositions, with fast renderings and attractive, quality output.

AlphaPlugins FireFor comes with a set of factory presets so you can dive right in and experiment with its power. Key flame and smoke effects are grouped into wizard palettes and can be applied with the simple click of a mouse.

AlphaPlugings FireFor is a high-end tool for adding realistic fire effects in Photoshop projects. Its engine is specially designed for used in high-res, multilayer compositions and produces incredible fire effects in real time. The result is better productivity and attractive results.

In imagery, smoke enhances the realism of fire. Thats why our plug-in contains built-in features for adding smoke, with additional parameters to vary intensity, color, turbulence, size and more. For more sophisticate compositions, warm-colored smoke can be used as an additional underlying fire layer.

Compared to using a stock image of fire, adding fire to images with a plug-in filter allows you to shape the fire as needed. AlphaPlugins FireFor contains powerful, smart features for burning fire along a custom drawn paths, selection masks, texts, and contours.

AlphaPlugins FireFor is a real tool what should be useful in practical work. We spent many time to make interface of plug-in convenient and clean. Many features can be adjusted intuitively and native like you work with a real physical object. For clearance, only essential parameters are presented and these are concluded in thematic groups and tabs.

AlphaPlugins FireFor contains a variety of factory presets for quickly choosing fire effects and tuning up final parameters as needed.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $74.95 USD
  • Size: 6.3 MB
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