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COM Port Splitter establishes serial connection and implements data transmission between COM-ports and applications, or any kind of serial port devices.When Splitter is used to split only real ports and connects them to other physical serial ports, no virtual ports are created. Virtual serial ports are based on a technology by Eltima and are used to connect several applications to the same COM-port. Splitter creates several virtual copies of a COM-port. Applications refer to corresponding virtual ports (for instance, COM2, COM3), which send data to the real COM1 and to a connected device. Then, all data a real port receives from the device is transferred to the applications via virtual ports. Serial Splitter splits one com port (either real or virtual) into several ones, which are exact copies of the original port in the system. For instance, it splits real COM1 into virtual COM2, COM3, COM4 ports. To create a pure virtual ports pair you might also try VSPD XP. Here's a real-life example: A sale on a cash register is made. The cash register sends text via a serial port (COM1) to a computer. The software on the receiving computer takes the text from the serial port, and prints some of it to a video file. Using COM Port Splitter one-to-many ports splitting, this information can be viewed from several computers or applications. COM Port Splitter joins any number of COM ports into one serial port, allowing information from several devices to be received by a single application connected to the port at the OUT side of the bundle. For example: 100 websites are hosted on 100 computers. Via null modem a certain data is delivered from these computers to a PC with a microcontroller. On this PC COM Port Splitter joins com-ports and sends all dataflow to a one virtual serial port. Single application receives and represents all information about the status of a 100 server hosts simultaneously.. Virtual Serial Port Driver - Com Serial Port Emulation - Virtual RS232 Serial Port.

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