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OutDisk FTP helps you upload your large files to a webserver so that you can share the download URL by email or through an instant message. It helps you avoid file size limitations in email. OutDisk both a desktop software and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook (2003/2007/2010/2013). Outdisk can insert the download link directly into your Outlook email message. It works with your web server. There are no expensive monthly service fees, and your files remain on servers that you control.

OutDisk compresses your files to space saving zip format. You can optionally apply strong AES-128 bit encryption to protect your files. When you send your email message, OutDisk automatically uploads your file(s) to an ftp server, and inserts links to the files inside your Outlook email. The recipient simply clicks on the link to download the file through their web browser.

What Can OutDisk FTP Do For You?

- Allows IT Managers to provide a simple, familiar, non-technical solution to their users who need to share large file attachments through email. No knowledge of FTP required by the user.
- Automatically upload files when a file size threshhold has been reached
- Supports SFTP upload for security
- Integrated with the Windows Desktop
- Includes an add-in for Microsoft Outlook
- Uses your FTP account, so no expensive monthly service fees!
- FTP account settings can be "locked" to keep users from altering the configuration.
- Customizable recipient "Landing Pages" notify the receiver if a file is being uploaded, and can force the download to save to disk (for exaple, PDF files will not display in IE).
- Using our PHP/ASP scripts, files can be deleted automatically after a specified number of days. Just run it as a scheduled task or a chron job.
- Multiple users can share a single FTP account without co-mingling files
- Each email has its own unique file subdirectory, increasing security.
- For organizations with compliance procedures, OutDisk provides control over the distribution of email attachments.
- Users save Time and Aggravation: no manual uploading, complex FTP commands, or cutting and pasting http links
- Attachments are not stored in Outlook .pst Sent Items folder and your Microsoft Exchange mailbox
- Optionally secure your attachments with Winzip compatible 128-bit strong AES encryption
- Optionally compress your attachment(s) into a single smaller zip file
- Create a self extracting zip file
- Sender can use their own web host and domain: no third party intermediary stores your files
- Gives you control over where and how long your files are stored
- Enterprise tool allows remote setup and deployment of FTP settings and custom landing pages.

OutDisk includes a test FTP account so you can try it out right away without any additional setup. Download a free trial.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $49.99 USD
  • Size: 17.0 MB
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