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SafeSquid is a Content Filtering Proxy Server. SafeSquid has a BROWSER BASED INTERFACE. SafeSquid offers arguably, worlds biggest set of Content Filtering features.SafeSquid's multi-threaded architecture, delivers industry's FASTEST THROUGHPUT, even while providing extreme content analysis and security. SafeSquid has an intelligent DNS cache, an extremely manageable content CACHING system, and configurable content pre-fetching that allows fast browsing of often viewed web-sites. SafeSquid lets you create unlimited and extremely granular Internet Policies to define and deal with unlimited number of unique factors depending upon user / network / web-site / mime-type / size / time etc. SafeSquid allows you to create unlimited number of policies for allowing or BLOCKING SPECIFIC CONTENT, like music, ActiveX, JavaScripts, advertisement banners, etc., and even any part of the protocol header to ensure graded exchange of private information, from each web-site. Real-time text analysis and Image analysis besides categorized web-site databases ensure complete blocking of PORNOGRAPHY or replacing specific parts.Users can be authenticated from a remote WINDOWS ADS / OpenLDAP servers. SafeSquid lets you, to THROTTLE SPEED for low priority users or applications. You can use a variety of ANTIVIRUS Software like ClamAV and any other ICAP based antivirus to stop viruses before they reach the client systems. SafeSquid allows you to customize the various templates, that are displayed when access or content is denied to the user. SafeSquid's logs can be analyse to create a exhaustive USER ACTIVITY REPORTS.It takes less than 3 minutes to install SafeSquid on a Linux based server. SafeSquid is backed by a very responsive and committed customer support. SUPPORT INCLUDES REMOTE LIVE-HAND-HOLDING. Various SafeSquid editions are available to serve small 20 user networks or thousands of concurrent users. SafeSquid has special features for use in CLUSTERS.. Content Filtering Internet Proxy - SafeSquid. SafeSquid is a Content Filtering Internet Proxy. It has all the features required in a content filter. It world's biggest HTTP FireWall.

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