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PC File Transfer
PC File Transfer is a remote access tool that can help you keep your files and folders synchronized. Connect to your computer at work while being home or on a business trip and download files that you need right now. It's possible if the both computers are connected to the internet. PC File Transfer is capable of reaching remote computers that are behind firewalls, routers, masqueraders. It finds the other computer, no matter how far it is from your current location. Yes, the internet is no safe place for sensitive information, but don't worry. PC File Transfer will send your files in an encrypted form. It will also compress files to reduce the amount of information that should be transferred. Of course, the program is smart enough to skip already compressed files. With PC File Transfer you can copy your files from or to the remote computer. It is also possible to move, delete and run files on both machines. The program features simple two-panel interface similar to many popular file managers. One panel represents all storage devices of the local computer, the other shows the same for the remote computer. If you need to copy a file from the remote computer to the local one, it is sufficient to drag and drop the file. If the remote computer that you need to access is in the same network with yours, you can use the direct connection feature. Enter the IP address of the other computer and hit connect. In this way you will ensure that PC File Transfer uses the full speed of your network and is not limited by your internet connection speed (usually slower). PC File Transfer is a reliable, safe and extremely convenient way to access your files from anywhere. Try it now to get convinced!


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