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SDiCraft Sound Recorder

It is easier to find a good software development utility than anything domain-oriented in a narrow field of application. Some say, the best software is the software developed for one's own consumption. I think that's true.

Take those sound recorders, nearly all of off them. I don't mean those which come as a part of some sophisticated sound editors. They can do really serious job: visualization, all kinds of on-the-fly filtering, and a lot more. I mean something simple, like most of those recorders, like the one which comes with Windows. If you try to use it for any practical purpose, you will see that the author never tried to record anything for some real purpose different from testing of this piece of software.

No Save As, No Typing of File Names
First and foremost, with some appropriate set of options, the record can be stopped and saved in just one hit, one the wide and easy-to-reach blank-space key. It will (again, optionally) restart the recording and save the previous one. Hence, the file names are never typed. They are created based on some preliminary defined base file name, with sequential numbers, but the way preventing overwriting of any previously written files.

Sound activation
Sound activation is optional. It is determined by a threshold positioned on the sound volume indicator control. It is done visually. When the sound volume goes beyond the vertical bar (which is set to positive infinite value and not visible at startup, but can be moved onto the volume indicator), the recoding is activated. The state is shown by the blinking indicator, a digital watch showing "pure" (without pauses) elapsed time.

In a nutshell, that's all. The operation is described on the help screen of the application; only the delicate detail, as basic operation is self-explanatory. The pictures on the top show the "About" box and least expanded view of the main window, which holds all the controls in one place.

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