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BSC Designer PRO
Balanced Scorecard Designer (BSC Designer PRO) is software that simplifies the process of creating and managing Balanced Scorecards or KPI groups. With BSC Designer you will be able to create a set of key performance indicators, define relationships between groups, goals, and specify the importance of indicators. BSC Designer provides a flexible way to calculate performance values depending on indicators' settings, such as min/max values, target values, measurement units. The resulted Scorecard can be exported into MS Excel file for further processing. With BSC Designer you can create a set of Key Performance Indicators and group them into categories. Each category and each indicator (goal) has a relative weight, which governs the importance of this indicator. You can define your own relative weights or use a balancing function, where BSC Designer will calculate the values itself. The indicator (goal) also has a current, min and max values. Depending on optimization strategy these values are involved in calculation of the performance within the metric's category and the total performance of the Balanced Scorecard. Once the scorecard is designed it can be exported into MS Excel for further usage and integration with businesses systems, such as CRM or ERP. A better option is saving the designed scorecard and sharing it with co-workers both as a .bsc file (native BSC Designer file type) and an MS Excel file.Requirements: Windows PC


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