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While working with computer using some sort of editor, a note tool becomes handy to remember important ideas associated with your current work. In addition, it is fine to have an option to keep track of your activities. Easy Notes are unique tool that provides multi-role editor, note tools, calendar and tasks.

To edit files, a multi-role editor called DocPad is integral part of Easy Notes. Thanks to extensible architecture, the number of recognized file formats is given just by loaded plug-ins. For example, you can use it as word processor and HTML editor at the same time. There is a set of commands applicable to all kind of editors including search, Multiple Document Interface, tabbed browsing and tree allowing you have your documents hierarchically sorted. Moreover, the tree supports presence of single document in several branches.

Everybody knows the sticky notes. With Easy Notes, each sticky note behaves like a small word processor with rich text formatting. Another note tool is a Note Tree, where notes are sorted hierarchically. A calendar gives you an overview of days with attached notes and tasks. And to ensure reliability, each note is saved as it is modified - just like real paper. Printing, recycle bin, stay-on-top, export, import, hyperlinks, rolling, highlighting, templates, etc. are matter of course here.

Almost all features available to notes are available to tasks as well. Tasks are hierarchically sorted in the tree and there's a view into a selectable piece of future. While only a minimum of inputs is required, you can still have a perfect track of your activities.

Easy Notes are vast application with many features and their description goes far beyond brief description such as this one. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, there is a lot of functionality awaiting you.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $19.95 USD
  • Size: 4.2 MB
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