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eXcelator CTR is a powerful Excel Add-In. We can call it Cells Text Remover in short CTR. It removes text from Excel Cells with different criteria and conditions. With eXcelator CTR you can process as many cells as you want in a single process. It is designed to give you a user friendly environment with lightning speed and quality results. It saves your precious time and money. In brief, eXcelator CTR is a valuable addin to automate text removing task for Excel with quality and speed. We can say every Excel user must have eXcelator CTR to use hidden power of Excel.. Email Extractor Software,Email Extractor Websites,Email Extractor and Mailer,Email Extractor Files,Word Count Software,Word Count And Invoice Software,Line Count Software,Hindi Unicode Converter,Hindi Unicode/Non-Unicode Writer,Email Harvester,Email Finder,Email Grabber. Email Extractor And Mailer,Word Count And Invoice,Line Count And Invoice,Email Extractor Files,Parivartak(Converter/Writer),Word FontReplacer,Word FindReplacer,Word Highlighter Are Our Products

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $24.95 USD
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