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GetWord is a professional library for capturing text on screen. It can help integrate the function of text capturing into your software product easily.

OS Supported:
Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Development Environments Supported:
GetWord supports all the popular development environments, such as Visual Studio, Delphi , C++ Builder, etc.

Key Features:
1. Support all the popular Windows platforms with different main languages, such as English/Simplified & Traditional Chinese/Russian/French/Japanese/German/Spanish/Korean/Turkish, etc.
2. Support Unicode.
3. Support sentence capturing. It can capture not only the words at a given point, but also the words before and after the given point.
4. Support rectangle capturing. It can capture all the text in a given rectangle on the screen.
5. Support PDF text capturing from Adobe Acrobat/Acrobat Reader.
6. Support selected (highlighted) text capturing
7. Support Command Prompt text capturing
8. Support all the standard Windows Controls, such as Dialog, Toolbar, Menu, EditBox, ComboBox, ListBox, TreeCtrl, etc.
9. Support various popular software, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, etc.
10. Support all the popular Internet browsers, such as IE, FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.
11. Support word and sentence capturing by mouse cursor and hotkeys.
12.Convenient integration into your software product. Only no more than 20 lines of code are needed to integrate this library.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $3750.00 USD
  • Size: 12.7 MB
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