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dotNet Protector
dotNet Protector 5 native runtime is available on X32, X64 and IA64 platforms. dotNet Protector 5 Engine is available for x32 and x64 architectures. Protection can be done interactively with an intuitive graphical interface, or automated, using the command-line functionalities of dotNet Protector. dotNet Protector includes a powerful hardware sensitive anti-piracy system and extensions to help you develop your own software activation system. dotNet Protector is self-protected and uses its internal software activation system. By buying dotNet Protector, you invest for the long term. No upgrade fees from 5.x to 5.y! Not convinced? Try dotNet Protector at no risk! Download is anonymous and e-mail support is free for everyone (registered users get higher priority). In demo mode you’ll be able to explore all features. The demo never expires, only protected assemblies expire after 5 days. This allows you to calmly prepare your assemblies for dotNet Protector. You’re welcome to ask for help if you have any issue: dotnetprotector [at] .NET code Protection Assemblies are obfuscated, then method bodies are replaced by corruped code; decompilation and disassembly tools like ILDASM can no more unassemble methods. Components Protection dotNet Protector 5 builds a new .Net assembly. This new feature enables not only exe protection, but dll as well. ASP.Net is supported by dotNet Protector 5. Evaluation Generator dotNet Protector can generate a limited executable. You can choose executable lifetime (in days): your program wont launch beyond this limit. You also choose to limit execution time in minutes. No modification to your code is necessary to produce an evaluation version.


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