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This is a smart password generator software developed to generate passwords in bulk in time efficient manner. Tool can generate thousands of passwords within minutes and save them in .CSV or .TXT files. This tool facilitates generation of passwords containing not only alphabets and numbers but also special characters. Tool boasts of very user friendly interface. User needs few mouse clicks to generate and save passwords. First of all users need to specify characters to be used in passwords. For this users need to check all or any of the provided options like ‘A-Z’, ‘a-z’, ‘0-9’ and ‘Special Characters’. Special characters like @, #, $ etc. can be used in passwords. After specifying characters users need to specify length of passwords and total number of passwords to be generated. Once password list is generated users can easily save them in .CSV (opens in excel) or .TXT (opens in notepad). User can save results in clipboard also. Tool allows the users to use Unicode characters in passwords. This tool boasts of enviable processing speed and can generate thousands of passwords within minutes. It is compatible with different versions of windows operating system. Tool is very easy to download.

Key Features of Strong password generator are as follows:

- Lets the user to generate thousands of passwords in one single operation.
- Tool generates password containing alphabets, numbers and special characters.
- Helps save generated passwords in .CSV or .TXT format.
- Tool allows the user to specify number of passwords and generates passwords accordingly.
- It also allows the users to specify length of passwords.
- Tool is very accurate and generates passwords exactly in accordance with the instructions of user.
- Users can exclude or include alphabets, numbers and special characters as per their wish.
- Users can save results as clipboard.
- Tool is compatible with different versions of windows operating system.
- It is very easy to download.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $14.00 USD
  • Size: 1.1 MB
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