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USB Secure
USB Secure helps you password protect USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory cards, External drives and Flash drives. It supports plug and play and runs automatically once a USB drive is plugged in, asking you the password for it. USB Secure is hassle free and it doesn't need a rocket scientist to master. USB flash drives are the most popular way to move data from one PC to another. They are small in size but can carry gigabytes of data. They are easy to use, convenient, affordable, but at the same time they pose a security risk and can be easily lost, stolen or misplaced. A secure USB drive with password protection is a must these days as the data that it contains may cost you millions of dollars if stolen or lost. With USB Secure your USB flash drives and all other external storage devices can be very easily password protected. An easy to use setup program will guide you to put the program on your USB drive. It can automatically detect all such drives currently plugged into your PC. After installing simply run the software, and set and confirm a password to protect USB drive and all the data in it. To access your data again, it is important that you plug-in your USB drive into the computer and choose the Open this USB drive with password option from the Windows Autoplay that pops up every time you plug-in your USB drive. You can also double click the USB drive in your PC to launch the program. To unprotect your secure USB drives, click Unprotect and enter correct password to access your data again. Another great feature of USB Secure is that it doesn't require any Administrator rights to run and therefore there is no need to install it at the other end to retrieve the protected data. The program also supports plug & play and ask for a password immediately when the drive is plugged-in. USB Secure works on all flavors of 32 bit and 64 bit of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008 Server & 2003 Server.


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