Find files fast across folders, drives, disks and machines and emails in MS Outlook, find duplicates. Exchange messages with file attachments. Tag Web pages while downloading. Get a multi-pane view to help organize your files and folders.

Create and attach labels, bookmarks and comments to your files (ANY file format). Double-click on a label to find files INSTANTLY - it doesn't matter where the files are saved; Organyze finds them in an instant. This way you can find important files or emails you may have forgotten about.

Organyze offers several methods to find the files or folders you need:
- Quick search by selecting multiple labels
- Very fast retrieval by single or multiple labels
- Fast retrieval by using filters (multiple labels, keywords in files, comments or emails, file formats and sizes, file date).
- You can see attached comments and labels without opening files. This helps you find files faster.
- You can also search for files by using keywords used in comments.

These methods are much, much faster than simple keyword searches or manually hunting through folders and sub-folders for files you need. YOU SAVE A HUGE AMOUNT OF

Organyze also helps you automatically back up all your files and folders daily. It lets you back up stuff online to keep it doubly safe. Organyze also lets you synchronize your folders with another machine. This is useful if you use the same folders at the office and home.

Organyze makes tagging very, very easy. You can attach labels, bookmarks and comments, in so many different ways:
- A selection of files/folders in the Organyze window
- A selection of files/folders in Windows Explorer
- To MS Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Outlook) while you are working in these programs
- To a Web page while you are saving it to your machine

Attach many labels or comments simultaneously to many files, plus- or use the automatic labeling feature. Also, import ready labels from others. All

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  • Size: 30.9 MB
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