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#1-TuffTEST for Windows is a comprehensive hardware system analysis utility program that helps you diagnose problems on PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It tests the PC's hardware components, singles out faulty areas and provides a tabbed property sheet display that summarizes the overall performance of each component. Tests and Functions include System Information; DMI Information; INI Information; Processor Test; Memory Test; Audio Test Test; Modem Test; Graphics Test; Hard Disk Test; CD-ROM Test; System Stress Test; Benchmarking Test; Cleanup Tool; TCP Tool; SCSI Tool; and USB Tool. The tests can be run individually or, to evaluate the entire target PC's status, as part of the Stress Test function where #1-TuffTEST for Windows can be scripted to run the selected test modules sequentially or concurrently and can also be set up to stop or continue on any error that arises. Passing an overnight Stress Test with no errors reported would indicate that a PC's hardware is in very stable condition. Running the Stress Test periodically on a PC would ensure that PC's components operate properly and help prevent adverse situations from occurring in the future such as system crashes and/or data losses. The Benchmarks function is designed to test and evaluate a PC's hardware performance and five major system components are tested and compared to a reference system. The Benchmarks function will run all enabled modules consecutively to evaluate the performance of each individual component. Whenever you have doubts about your PC's reliability, or whenever you buy, build or repair PCs, you can use #1-TuffTEST for Windows to perform a thorough physical examination of your PC to determine its stability and capability.

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