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Chris-PC Game Booster tunes Windows to use the CPU more efficiently, gets the most of your graphics card GPU, improves the network connection usage of your PC and decreases reads and write access times for your storage drives. All these tunings and parameters settings are done by Chris-PC Game Booster without patching the games files, and thus isn't considered a cheating software by network games.
Just install the program to grasp the extent of its power; You will experience better frame rates in your games and smoother online multiplayer experience without lags. All this with the same hardware and Windows system that you had before, without patching the games.
You will not need to spend a bunch of money to upgrade your hardware nor buy an expensive new version of a game console to enjoy playing a game title that you like.
The results are amazing! Try for yourself and be shocked to find the hardware power that you already own, being unleashed by the Chris-PC Game Booster.
The software is shareware and has a 14 days trial period with limited boost functionality. To get the maximum boost option enabled you need to register your copy of Chris-PC Game Booster by purchasing a license.

Chris-PC Game Booster has many key features like:
- Improved graphical user experience in games without the need of upgrading to expensive new hardware (CPU/GPU/RAM): higher display frame rates, smoother graphics animations and better read/write access times to storage drives;
- Better online multiplayer games experience, without network lags.
- No game patching: Anti-cheat mechanisms of games will not treat Chris-PC Game Booster as a cheating software.
- Restore option to previous Windows settings: Convenient for keeping compatibility with other programs that you use frequently.
- Increases the speed of all internet connection types such as Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios and dial-up.

  • License: Shareware
  • Cost: $14.99 USD
  • Size: 1.6 MB
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